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Rest, When You Need It.

Revolutionary 100% natural sleep with a revolutionary Life Style Vapor.

Dream Steam Vapor is your new Life Style Vapor, a completely natural alternative to over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids.  Dream Steam Vapor helps you get that peaceful nights sleep you’ve been looking for when you need it without any of the left over grogginess or side effects.  Our amazing Life Style Vapor is simple, natural, and effective… Dream Steam Vapor is exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

Simple, Effective, Easy

With a simple atomized delivery system, Dream Steam Vapor’s effectiveness is immediate.


“Dream Steam Life Style Vapor helps me get the rest I need to deal with the challenges of tomorrow, in the office or out in the surf.”

– 777lawsurfer

Get Started Today.

Say Goodbye to Restless Nights.

Dream Steam Vapor Life Style Vapor’s unique proprietary blend of natural ingredients and powerful antioxidants can help you get back in control of your sleep schedule and get the restful sleep you deserve. 

How it Works

Dream Steam Vapor is an 100% natural sleep aid that works by atomizing our proprietary blend of herbal extracts combined with a touch of Melatonin, helping to regulate your Circadian rhythm and induce a sense of relaxation so you get to sleep faster and stay asleep longer.  Since we use an all-natural micro-dosed formula, Dream Steam Vapor’s active ingredients are incredibly fast acting that begin to work on the first exhale and will begin to wear off in two-an-a-half to three hours with none of the groggy feelings found in over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids.

With Dream Steam Vapor, you don’t have to lie awake worrying if you took too much or not enough.

The dosage of a traditional pill is hundreds of times more than a simple micro-dosage of Dream Stream Vapor and can have lasting negative effects on your regular sleep patterns.  Dream Steam Vapor is not a hypnotic like a lot of synthetic prescription sleep medications on the market that stay in your system long after you’ve waken, leaving you feeling groggy or with lasting effects.  Dream Steam Vapor can also be used multiple times a night if you are woken up unexpectedly.  With one small bottle of Dream Steam you get an effective 50 doses — a month’s supply — and a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee or your money back.


“This is the quickest natural sleep aid I’ve ever tried.  Dream Steam helps me stay asleep, which helps me wake up feeling refreshed.”

– christinaoneal10213

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Dream Steam Vapor

The Rest you Deserve.